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Maya and her best gal pal have been friends since they were little kids. The two girls are adamant at attending the same prestigious university together. May and her best friend are willing to take the entrance exams and extra classes just to go to the same school. The two went to meet with a teacher who tells them what they must do to pass. Maya and her bff are told to undress and play with their pussies right then and there. The nubile babes had so much fun and the teacher tells them they pass with flying colors.


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Audrey and her friend came to see their teacher for some after school tutoring. The other young lady went to the restroom for a while and when she came back, she was so shocked to see that Audrey was already making out with the female teacher. She was confused at first but when Audrey started caressing her crotch, she warmed up and got all horny and very wet. Their madam sprang into action and enjoyed the girls’ pussies. This is a threesome that puts mature, teen and lesbian action all in one spicy and sexy video clip.


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Tina and her friend are sent to after school tutoring at their neighbor’s house due to their low grades. The mature woman who lives next door to Tina happens to be a former teacher at their school so she seemed like the best tutor there is. The two girls went to her place one day to review for their exams but it seems the older woman had a different plan and strange approach for the teens. She gets the girls to strip with her and shows the confused young ladies how to play with each other’s pussies.


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Sandra was preparing to take and exam with her teacher. Sandra has always been an obedient straight A student and quite the shy girl in school. As their review session was about to end, another girl came to the room who was also seeking help for the exam. Their teacher thought it would be a great idea for the girls to study together. At first the girls were busy with school work but soon the teacher got the two young ladies to undress and taught them how to suck and lick while she watched and masturbated.


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Isida was asked to report to the teacher because she got a failing grade in the exam. Isida got scared and did not want her parents to find out so she said she would drop by the teacher’s house to talk. Isida brought her best friend Irina with her for support. Their teacher is mad but the young teens pleaded so the teacher gave them a deal—they will do as she wants and they will pass. Soon the girls got their holes plugged with dildos and they were fucking each other like true horny lesbians.


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Tanya and her classmate Marina are in deep trouble. They failed to submit their homework on time and now their teacher is very mad. The pair decided to turn in their work within the day, even if it meant dropping off their homework at the teacher’s house. When they got to the teacher’s residence, the mature female decided to punish them for not taking class seriously. She commands the girls to show her their tits, lick each other’s pussies and do finger fucking. They were hesitant at first but the teens loved it in the long run.


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Stefani and Karina were sent by their parents to remedial classes because of their low marks in school. See, Karina and Stefani were the popular girls who liked to hang out with friends and flirt with boys rather than study. To pass their exams the teens had to stay after school with their strict teacher. The girls were very intimidated but it turns out that the teacher had a special task for them. The older woman makes Stefani and Karina make out with each other and play with each other’s bodies. She gets pretty horny and joins them too.


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Kristina and Masha are two pretty girls who just have no interest in school. They have low grade so they are made to attend boring extra classes. Their lesbian substitute teacher is more interested in the two teens than helping the pair study for their upcoming tests. She tells Kristina and Masha that they will pass provided they put on a good show. Kristina and Masha gave what the teacher asked for and they got themselves busy lapping at each other’s twats and sucking at their pink nipples. Now this is definitely more interesting than school.


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A sexy young female student takes off all her clothes and fingers her pussy for an older mature teacher. School can be tough when you like to focus on your social life instead of your academics and a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make it in this world. Especially when Marie likes girls it’s not so bad. So what not all perverted teachers are male. Women can be perverts too and when your also a sex crazy coed getting in on a little lesbian action isn’t so bad. And if you are lucky maybe you can get it on with another coed who is also flunking school.


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Alina enjoys spending time with Sonya. Other than being best friends who swap stories, have sleepovers and borrow each other’s clothers, Alina and Sonya are also bi-curious and they like to explore their sexuality together. Other than being horny teens, these two girls also have something else in common—they are not good in school. Which is why they are sent to extra classes. Lucky for them, their teacher is a lustful older lesbian who willingly cut them a deal: a threesome in exchange for a passing grade. Of course the girls went for the sexy choice!